Vista Golf - Relaxing but highly "addictive" game

Vân Anh Lê
  1. Vista Golf is a golf game with a unique style that makes players into the game for hours.

    In the virtual world there are too many shooting games that makes players overloaded. Even though they bring gamers intense feeling, they sometimes inadvertently make players exhausted… and at that time we need something to enjoy and relax.

    Well, that's Vista Golf, a golf game but has a completely different style. Instead of following sporty style, Vista Golf brings players to small and cute puzzles that are ready to entice you into the game for hours.


    However, Vista Golf still has the basic rule of golf with the goal of putting the ball into the hole with as few pars as possible. But the golf course in the game is not as flat or wide as on TV. Each stage there are a curved road and numerous obstacles. You will have to use your imagination and creativity to put the golf ball into the hole. Too weak, you will need more pars; too strong, the golf ball will go straight into the deep sea.



    Vista Golf is a quite relaxing game. Vista Golf is available on both Android and iOS, ready for you to download free games directly here:



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