PUBG - Bug appears and allows players to fly as Sun Wukong

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  1. Bug has just appeared in PUBG and allowed players to step on smoke and jump down from the cliff without hurting.

    The randomness of the round in PUBG is a factor that makes this game famous. The round directing the players into the unique position has created countless hard situations. Being trapped in the cliffs and cannot move while the ring is pulling backwards has made so many people lose their lives.

    However, recently a “divergent” bug has appeared in PUBG and allowed gamers to fly in smoke like Sun Wukong and jump down the cliffs without hurting.


    Discovered by a Reddit member named Knowzzzz, this bug is triggered when the player stands on a cliff or a terrain that is higher than the ground. The player will head into the air and throw the smoke bomb into the sky. When the smoke bombs hit the ground, gamers will jump in the smoke and "bounce" on the ground in the orbit that it left behind. To eplain this error, many gamers claim that PUBG's Server has mistaken the character with a smoke bomb, and then applied the same mechanism and let the player jump down the cliff without dropping blood.


    Up to now, Knowzzzz seems to be the only one who can trigger this bug. The community thinks that in order to use it, the player must jump at the right time, but Knowzzzz says it's not necessary. This assertion leads to the argument that PUBG's Sun Wukong bug may result from a server being lagged, causing the process to be affected.

    However, after many articles and reports from the gaming community, PUBG's development team will solve the problem soon, allowing gamers to experience a fair gameplay system. All information about PUBG as well as PUBG Mobile GameHub will update readers in the shortest time. Readers can update the lastest information through PUBG community and PUBG Mobile Vietnam here:​

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