On-Going Whitelist Campaigns on AceStarter – Register Now!

Nguyễn Thu Trang
  1. Subscription Package is provided with a small fee that gives you full access to all INO/IDO deals on AceStarter.

    This post covers all on-going whitelist campaigns on AceStarter at the moment. So, if you are finding some deals to invest in, let’s take a look!

    1. Plant Empires IDO Whitelist

    • Time: June 8 – June 19​

    • IDO Time: June 20​

    • Link gleam: HERE. ​

    2. Football Battle IDO Whitelist

    • Time: June 11 – June 20​

    • IDO Time: June 21​

    • Link gleam: HERE. ​

    3. Epic War IDO Whitelist

    • Time: May – July​

    • IDO Time: TBA ​

    • Link gleam: HERE.​


    4. Metadog World INO Whitelist

    • Time: June 15 – June 24​

    • INO Time: June 25 ​

    • Link gleam: HERE.​

    You can explore the list of all IDO / INO whitelist registration forms on AceStarter (both on-going and ended ones) at LINK.

    Full access to all INO / IDO Deals above and more with SUBSCRIPTION PACKAGE – only pay for $39 / month – have the right of buying both Subscription Round and FCFS Round. Sign up for Subscription Membership here: LINK BUY.

    More details and updates on projects, please visit: https://dapp.acestarter.finance/

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