Nintendo Labo – When it comes to playing with cardboard

  1. Nintendo Labo can be considered as the most unique product we've ever seen in the entertainment industry, provoking the great creativity of gamers.

    Nintendo is well known for its innovative ideas that can break the conventional way of thinking in virtual world. Just by looking at the latest NES, 3DS, Wii or Switch … can we understand the impact of this great game company comes from the Country of Cherry Blossom. Nintendo continues to make people even more surprised when offering a product unprecedented in the history of the formation of the game world . Yes it is Nintendo Labo - the models that allow gaming from cardboard.


    Exactly. You did not hear it wrong. The Nintendo Labo are cardboard decks in the form of a technical kit that allows gamers to cut and remove into multiple tools. These tools, when associated with the Nintendo Switch, will create unique games that combine real life with virtual world. Do not believe it? You can see how Nintendo Labo works right now.

    Yes, Nintendo Labo will turn your gaming console into a myriad of different tools for gaming purpose. From playing a piano, driving a car, fishing to transforming a Switch into a VR Robot game simulator. All of these can be done by using models made entirely from Nintendo Labo's cardboard.


    It is true that many people will feel the rush of childhood when they mischief the old boxes and create a whole building or a military base that existed only in their mind. Of course, the problem with Nintendo Labo will be quality of the cardboard. However, the Japanese game maker will definitely make models with materials much better than conventional cardboard to ensure the certainty when gamers interact directly with them.


    Nintendo Labo will officially be available on April 20 and the price is about $ 70 for a basic set. Of course a set will include many different models such as fishing rods, remote control cars, houses, motorcycles and pianos. The VR robot emulator will be sold separately for $ 80. All details about Nintendo Labo will be updated for GameHub readers as soon as possible.​

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