Heroes of the Land Preview – First MMO RTS Game in Blockchain World

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  1. Heroes of the Land is the first MMO RTS game in the blockchain game that introduces a new concept of earning in the NFT gaming space.

    Developed by Herosoft, Heroes of the Land’s mission is to give players a true gameplay experience while opening the door for gamers to enter the crypto space. As its name suggests, “Heroes” represents more gameplay and play styles to be included into this ecosystem, and “Land” represents an unknown virtual world that will be explored in the game. With the launch of Heroes of the Land, Herosoft expects to build an engaging NFT MMO RTS game with the best economy system that connects traditional game players and the whole blockchain world. Also, players will be able to relive memories of the legendary games such as Heroes of Might and Magic 3 or Rise of Kingdoms when they build armies, expand their lands, and protect resources.


    One of the missions of Heroes of the Land is to connect the community of players, so in the game world, players must not only have their own strategies, but also coordinate with other alliances to achieve victories, thereby bringing advantages and resources to the legion.
    Heroes of the Land allows players to choose one of three types of characters: Lord, Hero and Worker. You will be a Worker first, then you can buy NFT Treasure to get NFT Land to unlock Lord’s gameplay or get NFT Hero to unlock Hero’s gameplay.

    About the battle system:

    PvP system allows players to attack each other and get Resources and Treasures. Players need to focus their forces on attacking other lands or defending themselves. The Treasures can be opened to get great value items, including Ruby’s recipe.

    PvE system allows players to participate in collecting events such as Boss fights, NPC fights or Hunt Monster, etc. Players can get resources (Wood, Stone, Gold) and Ruby’s recipe.

    Quest system includes all 3 types of character to level up and lead players through the story. Along with that are daily mission rewards, also including Ruby’s recipe for players.

    Boss system was created by events and randomly appears on the map. Players can participate in competitive battles with others to win valuable items and rare Treasures.

    Tournament system covers System of matches, Clan Ranking, Creating a level of playing field for all to join, compete and get items, thereby strengthening yourself and your legion.

    Depending on your choices, you can build your own team and strategy to conquer the world.

    Founding Team & Backers

    Heroes of the Land is proudly developed by a talented and experienced team. All founding members are not only brilliant entrepreneurs but also hard-core gamers.

    Nhan Nguyen: 5+ years as a Software Engineer at Google HQ, Blockchain Developer at ThunderToken, was CEO at Kalapa.

    CTO Son Nguyen: 3+ years as CTO at Galaxy Mobile, 2+ years as CTO at Elcom Plus & CEO at SonicWave.

    COO Dung Nguyen: 10+ years as a Game Project Manager, Game Publishing Director at EmobiGame, and was a CEO at Lucky Digital.

    Art Director Quyen Tong: 10+ years as 2D art Designer, 2D art Designer at EmobiGame. 5+ year Art Lead at eWing Studio.

    Lead Marketing Anh Nguyen: 3+ years as a Marketer, Marketing Manager at Le Kieu and was a Branding Manager at Co-host AI.

    Lead Software Engineer Tuan Pham: 3+ years as a Software Engineer at Samsung, Software Engineer at Vinsoftware. Leader of Software Engineer at SonicWave.

    In the early stages, they luckily have strong backers supporting them, such as Kyber Venture, Raptor Capital, Tomo Chain, HUB Global, etc. Hence, Heroes of the Land is promised to become a complete and quality long-life game cycle product in the NFT game market from now on.​


    How to Earn

    Free players

    Those who have little capital or do not want to invest in the game right from the beginning can play as Worker. In the world of Heroes of the Land, players are free to mine in-game resources such as gold, wood and stone to start earning. Then, if they want to earn more, they can upgrade their skills, use resources to craft and sell NFT items to Invest-gamers (also Hero characters) through the Marketplace.


    Invest-gamers are those who want to dive into the gameplay while still making a profit. Once they got any Hero by buying Hero box in Heroes of the Land’s Marketplace, they can participate in different game modes such as Game Battles (PvE, PvP, Clan vs Clan , Tournament/Guilds War), summon new Heroes, upgrade Hero stats, conquer land, construction building, farming and hunting.



    The game has Investors in the Lord character, who are knowledgeable, have a rich background of projects so far, and quick to grasp market trends. Investors who have money but don’t have much time to play games, the fastest way is to get NFT Land and then they can start getting long-term passive income from Workers and Heroes who live on their land. Lords also have the special power in launching wars to expand their territory. Upon successful registration of new lands by attacking NPCs, they can sell this asset on the Marketplace to maximize profits.

    Heroes of the Land allows you to participate in 3 roles at the same time, so you have more ways to make a profit, even triple than usual GameFi.


    HOL Token

    $HOL token is a native token of the Heroes of the Land that was built based on Binance Smart Chain’s BEP-20 standard, with a fixed total supply of 2 billion. HOL is required to create NFTs (summon heroes, registry of lands, craft valuable items, etc.). HOL token is not a resource in the game.

    HOL Token Allocation:


    RUBY Token


    $RUBY token is the resource that could be claimed in-game Heroes of the Land, built based on Binance Smart Chain’s BEP-20 standard, with an unlimited supply. RUBY is designed for “play-to-earn” model as the reward currency.

    More information about Heroes of the Land, please visit:

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