Dynasty Warriors 9 revealed the feature of weapon crafting and horse training

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  1. Dynasty Warriors 9 – A hack and slash hit of Dynasty Warriors PC/ Console revealed the hottest news about weapon crafting and horse training

    Dynasty Warriors 9 is coming near to all gamers and promises to change its look in the hack and slash game that has beaten many hearts. "Weapon" allowing Dynasty Warriors 9 to do that is a vast, open world environment; this allows players to do whatever they want and join in countless new activities.

    In the latest videos, Dynasty Warriors 9 continues to show some amazing activities and features, making gamers deep in that game and have the feeling of upgrading like game characters.


    Specifically, Dynasty Warriors 9 will let gamers craft weapons for the characters by "scrolls", like a technique of sword molding. The more valuable this technique is, the more parts of it, requiring players collect by completing missions or from fallen enemies. Not only for weapons, scrolls are also used to craft various items with the main objective of supporting the main character.


    Along with that, Dynasty Warriors 9 is concerned about horse training when giving players the opportunity to train throughout the war. Initially you will only have lower-skilled horse with nothing but moving function. However, if you nurture them for a certain time, the strength of these horses will gradually increase. For example, riding long distances or often fighting on horseback will push you to higher rank.


    Above all, Dynasty Warriors 9 also drops a series of gameplay video for generals such as Xu Chu, Yu Jin, Lu Xun. You can observe here:

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