Crypto Golf Impact Preview: First Mobile Play-to-Earn Golf Game in the World

Nguyễn Thu Trang
  1. Crypto Golf Impact is definitely a must-try game for those who love playing golf, or simply want to make profits.

    Play-to-Earn began to become widely known due to the explosion of blockchain technology. A lot of NFT projects launched in recent years have brought both opportunities and challenges for developers because gamers’ requirements for a quality NFT game increase enormously. To conquer players, in addition to an attractive earning model, unique gameplay is also a key factor that developers need to focus on. Expected to launch next April, Crypto Golf Impact is proud to be one of the most potential and quality P2E games when offering both interesting play-to-earn mechanism and exciting gameplay.

    Crypto Golf Impact is a mobile P2E golf game that allows players to compete with others around the world in real time. Besides playing golf, players can also collect equipment, each comes with different looks and uses, making the match even more attractive and dramatic. The biggest plus point of Crypto Golf Impact is that it offers many beautiful golf courses. Play golf while immersing yourself in the beautiful landscapes around the world – What could be more wonderful?


    Crypto Golf Impact now provides gamers with 4 game modes, including: Tour (1v1), Long Drive, Putting Challenge, and Championship.

    1. Tour (1v1)

    Tour (1v1) or 1:1 PvP Tour lets players compete against other golf players from all around the world to earn Trophies, Gold, or even Golf Bags (a bundle that contains Gold and equipment). This is an easy mode where golfers improve their skills before participating in more professional and epic matches.

    2. Long Drive

    Long Drive is a special event where the sole objective is to hit the ball as close to the pin as you can. The farther you hit the ball, the more rare rewards you can get.

    3. Putting Challenge

    This mode requires players to overcome challenges put under various situations! Putting Challenge puts your precision and calculations to the test. Winners in this mode can gain special rewards.

    4. Championship

    Championship is probably the most attractive mode of Crypto Golf Impact which allows players to participate in epic tournaments and prove themselves as the best golfer in CGI by competing with the best golfers in the world. However, Championship mode is unlocked only when you at least reach Amateur I ranks in My League.

    Besides these game modes, players also need to pay attention to equipment – an important factor to win matches. Crypto Golf Impact currently offers 7 different types of clubs. Depending on where the ball is on the field, different clubs will be used. ​

    • Wedge – Used for chip shots or on green​

    • Sand Wedge: Used for getting the ball out of a bunker​

    • Short Iron: Used when close to green​

    • Mid Iron: Used when the distance is approximately 140 yards​

    • Long Iron: Used when the distance is approximately 170 yards​

    • Wood: Used for fairly long shots​

    • Driver: Used for long shots​

    Clubs are not divided by genre but also ranked by rarity, each with different features, making the match even more exciting and thrilling.


    For all these reasons, Crypto Golf Impact is definitely a must-try game for those who love playing golf, or simply want to make profits. The game is expected to launch in April 2022. More updates, please follow these channels:

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