Creator of PUBG Mobile will bring Call of Duty to mobile players

Vân Anh Lê
  1. Tencent – The developing and operating company for PUBG Mobile is trying to bring Call of Duty - The famous PC / Console FPS series to mobile players.

    Tencent is always the name of big products in the virtual world... and recently the Chinese giant has brought PUBG to the mobile platform. Moreover, Tencent also brings fans two different versions of PUBG Mobile which are developed by Timi Studio Group and Quantum and Lightspeed Studio.


    And now one of the two Tencent's developers will continue to bring the PC/Console FPS series to Mobile, the FPS series has millions of fans around the world. Well we are talking about Call of Duty.

    Exactly this is a version of Call of Duty Mobile which is developed by Timi – the development team of one of the two versions of PUBG Mobile. It is said that the game will follow the traditional FPS style, allowing gamers to experience the gun battle and high speed combat ... and to meet the famous faces of the game.


    Rob Kostich, the executive vice president and general manager of Call of Duty said in a recent statement:

    It seems that PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile will be released in the Chinese market and then be available around the world after a certain time. Now King - the creator of Candy Crush, is also in charge of developing another Call of Duty project on Mobile, and no one knows that what the new two games will have.


    All information about Call of Duty Mobile as well as Timi's titles GameHub will update readers as soon as possible.​

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