Award-winning puzzle game Molecats set to exit

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  1. Meet the Molecats – quirky mole/cat hybrids forever digging underground for tasty mushrooms and shiny relics!

    Launching August 28 on Steam after a productive season on Early Access, Molecats is a true labor of love for multinational developer Vidroid – which has won several awards and produced sought-after talent, such as: sound designer Samuel Justice, who is credited on a number of AAA titles such as B4, Amnesia, and Paragon; and composer Vasiliy Kashnikov, who wrote the scores for Knock-knock, The Void, and Cargo! The Quest for Gravity.

    Watch the trailer below to get a feel for the game’s charming, unexpected underground world

    In Molecats, your job is to help the aforementioned Molecats secure ever-important foodstuffs (‘shrooms) and loot (relics). Guide them through dangerous underground tunnels by twisting and turning tiles – indirectly controlling where and how your crew tackles each challenge. Ruthless monsters and traps will be around every corner: Take your time and plan each move carefully to keep those Molecats smiling. Of course, finding the exit with both goodies and limbs intact is great – but stay on the lookout for achievements, secondary goals, unlockables, secret levels, and more. You never know what you’ll dig up underground ...


    IndiePrize Showcase USA 2018 - Best Game Design Award
    IndiePrize Showcase USA 2018 - Most Innovative Game Award
    Digital Dragons 2018 - Rookie of the Year Award
    GTP Indie Cup 2018 - Best Art Award
    IndiePrize Showcase Europe 2018 - Best Children’s Game Nomination



    • Enjoy simple yet challenging gameplay as you solve twisting puzzles by rotating tiles to connect paths and apply special powers.​

    • Avoid dozens of obstacles, monsters, and traps that try to slow you down.​

    • Keep trying without dying! Failure is not an option, but mistakes lead to even more puzzles.​

    • Discover and unlock tons of achievements such as secondary goals, mysterious unlockables, secret levels with unique game mechanics, and more!​

    • Explore an adorable world and meet a slew of unforgettable characters.​

    Molecats will be available on Steam as a full release Tuesday, August 28 for $12.99.
    Steam URL:

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