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Dragon Ball FighterZ has just witnessed the battle between two professional players, the battle has the most excellent combats of the fighting game community.
Ark: Survival Evolved, which is an extremely popular online survival game having ancient dinosaur theme, has officially introduced Android and iOS version.
PUBG Mobile Beta has been officially released by Tencent in the international market with English language support. has officially started a new chapter with the English version, aiming to provide global gaming community the best support, the latest news and Game Mobile as well as PC/Console reviews.
This is a detailed tutorial to sign up Fortnite Mobile – Battle Royale game which is becoming the rival of PUBG.
H1Z1 – The Battle Royale precursor game of PUBG, is officially free of charge. Let’s see download instruction here.
Grim Soul make gamers immerse in Last Day on Earth style, but on fantastic medieval setting.
Cytus II is officially available on both Android and iOS, ready for you to free download the game.
Fortnite - Battle Royale game of Epic Games, has officially announced and prepared to put pressure on PUBG Mobile.
Marvel Strike Force is the latest Avengers game for gamers before Avengers Infinity War is officially launched.
Tencent - the name behind PUBG Mobile has released a "contract" with parents in controlling the playing time of their children.
Ring Of Elysium - a Tencent game with PUBG style has just officially revealed the latest gameplay scene.
A dense horror atmosphere unlike anything else seen in Starcraft 2 thanks to a large amout of custom assets, enviromental systems and intricate sound design. An Innovative Survival Horror game made on SCII's engine.
This is such a latent hack that players can only detect when investigating the strange numbers on the game's board.
PUBG has just released new update in Server Test and has prepared to launch the official Server with some features that make the game truer.
Secret World Legends can be considered as the better version of The Secret World.
Tencent has introduced two new features for PUBG Chinese version and has revealed the server locking capabilities.
Black Desert Mobile - MMORPG as well as the sequel of PC version, has just officially released Beta on Mobile.
My Tamagotchi Forever is mobile version of Tamagotchi game that used to attract a lot of people.
With the latest update of Rules of Survival mobile - 8x8 map, players need a new guide not to be confused. Especially, now players have to face 300 people instead of 120 in the 6x6 map.

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