Wild Arms - Japanese game releases Mobile version

Vân Anh Lê
  1. Wild Arms Million Memories will be Mobile version of well-known Japanese game series.

    For readers who have not known, Wild Arms is one of the oldest Japanese games and it has influence on both in and out of the virtual world. Started on Playstation for the first time in 1996, this series has witnessed countless successful sequels as well as a series of Manga and Anime. Even Wild Arms has its own music Album, becoming an entertainment empire in Japan.


    After 22 years, Wild Arms finally lands on Smartphone market by announcing a brand-new version called Wild Arms Million Memories for both Android and iOS. This would be a new step of this memorable game.


    Unlike other Japanese fantastic games, Wild Arms has a completely different style. This game takes players to a world called Filgaia with barren deserts, which characterizes the wild West of US. There, a lot of different species have lived for a long time and have a common feud with the Metal Demon, who used to have desire to invade Filgaia thousand years ago. In order to eliminate the danger from this devil, an ancient race called Ewl has invented multiple weapons... and one of them is ARMS – the weapons contain technological powers but are forgotten. ARMS, like other weapons Ewl left, is the hero which will wipe out darkness out of Filgaia's land.


    About Wild Arms Million Memories, the game has not revealed anything about Gameplay system, but it is said to follow the style of the previous successful version. This mobile game will also be taken charge by Mr. Akifumi Kaneko - the creator of Wild Arms series.

    Wild Arms Million Memories is scheduled to be available on Android and iOS in Japan in 2018. Hopefully global version will be available soon. All information about Wild Arms Million Memories will be updated for readers as soon as possible.​

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