What are things players hate in PUBG Mobile?

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  1. These are 6 things PUBG as well as PUBG Mobile players hate most when playing this game.

    1. "Trying hard" in the final match

    What attracts gamers to play escape game like PUBG is the longer you play, the more dramatic it is. Especially there are only a few people left in the final match. The tense feeling makes the player both anxious and excited. However, when being excessively stressed, you will easily make mistakes. Players on both sides who have spent 20 minutes fighting fiercely begin to feel dizzy, be dazzled and easily overlook the target. Especially newcomers coming to the final battle often "crazily" shoot. So they not only waste a few bullets, reveal their location but also sell their team out.


    2. Disconnected to the Internet

    Being disconnected to the Internet while in an intense match is a dilemma problem that many game producers have to struggle with it and it also makes the players extremely headache. Especially in a deadly fight of PUBG. Knowing that this is only an unexpected risk, but if a member in your team is disconnected, it means that the remaining people have to face a lot of pressure.


    3. Too talkative

    Communicating with each other is an integral part of the game. However, the problem is that your teammate talks a lot, continuously.

    "Picking up the gun?"
    "Is there a silencer?"
    "No heal"
    "What about armor 2"
    "Give me"
    "Any bullet 5 left?"
    "I am out of bullet 7"

    It seems that they can talk non-stop, and because of these people, players cannot hear the footsteps or even guns. Even when hearing the explosion, these people panic, making others extremely angry.


    4. Always hiding

    Player who is always "hiding" is what PUBG players hate most. Finding grass area or a hidden corner, these ones will stay there without moving and no one knows where they are. At the end, suddenly many people are killed by them. However, there are ways to deal with those. Pick up as many pomegranate as possible, and in the last battle, let’s throw to the corner, you may kill those obnoxious guys.


    5. Play dirty

    Cheating in game always makes people uncomfortable. Use Hack tool to kill enemies. However, Bluehole and Tencent now impose a great number of strong measures to prevent Hack tool. If they know whoever uses Hack/Cheat, that account will be eternally erased.


    6. Invisible obstacles

    The team freely enjoys the journey on their cars with full armors and guns... then suddenly an invisible rock appears and kicks the car up. Then the car explodes, the whole team is blown up and rocks fly into the innocent driver.


    Is there anything in PUBG makes you irritated? Let’s share with Vietnamese community via:​

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