Surpass Fortnite, PUBG is the top-selling game of all time

Vân Anh Lê
  1. PUBG is still at the top of the best-selling games of all time despite the threat of Fortnite.

    Fortnite is putting a lot of pressure on PUBG. In fact, this is completely understandable because Fortnite follows free model, which means that anyone can download and play it. While PUBG follows the one-off payment model, which let players download all in a single payment.

    Although the number of top players of Fortnite is more than that of PUBG, PUBG is still considered as one of the “hottest" games of all time. Yes, that’s true. Although it has been in operation for over a year, PUBG has been ranked Top as one of the best selling products in history.​


    PUBG PC/Console version has reached 50 million copies, placing fifth in the best-selling titles of all time. Tetris, Minecraft, GTA 5 and Wii Sports is ranked higher than PUBG because of its longer operation. It’s not mentioned that PUBG is not ranked as "Full Price" game. There PUBG is sold at $ 30 while other games cost $ 50-60, almost double more than PUBG.​


    Moreover, PUBG still surpassed Fornite on the number of players within one month. 227 million players per month and 87 million online gamers per day actually make PUBG become the hottest game ever...

    This shows that PUBG is the king of the game market in general and Battle Royale genre in particular. With the release of Sanhok Map, the heat of PUBG will be pushed up more and more.

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