Shocked with fan-made game movies – Like a cinema hit

Vân Anh Lê
  1. The movie is based on game and made by fan, with the well-known casting and the fantasy scenes like Hollywood movies.

    Fans are sometimes the source of inspiration for the gaming world because they can produce a lot of qualified products that even the big ones cannot do. Fan-made movie based on Naughty Dog's Uncharted series is a typical example of that. Actually, with the acting, scene, conversation and Hollywood actors, we absolutely can say this short film is not less than those box-office hits.


    Made by Director Allan Ungar - a fan of Uncharted series, this short film includes two famous actors who you often see on blockbuster movies. The first is Nathan Fillion - who is very famous for Castle series as well as Firefly. This actor also joins gaming field when being the voice for countless characters in the Halo and Destiny series. We also have Stephen Lang - who specializes in roles such as Colonel Miles Quaritch in Avatar or "Blindman" in Don't Breath.


    After watching this short film, you will have to compare it with Hollywood super hist. Indeed, the reaction from this fan-made film is extremely good and many think that the director should make a donation campaign to turn it into a box-office movie. With the situation that many game-based films cannot attain success, perhaps it is high time for players to do on their own.​

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