Review God of War: An astonishing achievement makes the game world acclaimed

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    Review Series of God of War is on, making all the players excited.

    Gamers around the world are waiting for April 20 with the flames burning in their chest. It is the day that new version of God of War will be available on PS4 and bring the Gods Kratos back. But Kratos will no longer be a blood-thirsty warrior, but rather become of a father who will do everything to protect his child.


    It is because of Kratos’s change that makes fans extremely curious and want to role-play this hero again. And now, that curiosity is pushed up to a higher level when the world's most popular gaming websites publish their reviews of God of War.

    Given the opportunity to experience by Sony, they have had the most intensive review of God of War 2018. And as expected, God of War receives nearly absolute scores. Start with IGN, Polygon and Destructoid, these three websites give God of War a perfect score of 10/10 and give this game a great number of praises for the quality of gameplay as well as the great graphics.



    Gamespot and Game Informer are somewhat prissy but still give God of War a score of 9/10 and 9.75 / 10 respectively. In general, these sites highly appreciate the plot of building a close bond of fatherhood, as well as new combat mechanism. With the impeccable aspects of God of War, this is a perfect return of Kratos and illustrates the power of PS4 at the present time.


    God of War 2018 will be officially available on PS4 on April 20th. All the information about God of War will be updated to readers in the shortest time.​

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