PUBG - The origin of "Helmet Level 3"

Vân Anh Lê
  1. Let’s find about the origin of one of the most powerful PUBG items which has saved many players in dangerous situation.

    Helmet Level 3, one of the strongest PUBG items which has the ability to protect player’s head from the headshot. It is unable to know how many times this helmet has saved player from the snipers.

    However, because of its unique appearance, many people think it is a version of mask commonly used in mechanics. In fact, the real-world version of Helmet Level 3 is purely used for military purposes, mostly focusing on special forces of Russian military.


    Its full name is Spetsnaz Helmet - Level 3, this equipment specifies its function when Spetsnaz in Russian means Special Forces. In fact this design was used because different PUBG models followed Rys'-T .. or known as Lynx-T in English. This is the advanced version of Lynx with Titanium material and it is used for Special Forces under The Federal Security Service (FSB) or the Ministry of Interior (MSD). Besides Lynx-T, Russian military also uses Lynx-A which is made of aluminum. In addition to these versions, Russian weapons company NII Stali also has K6-3 - a market version of this series.


    An interestingly thing is that Lynx-T is not the first design of the combat helmet. The precursor of Lynx or Lynx-T's is Atlyn, which has similarity in appearance. However, Atlyn has a frame around the glass is thinner than that of Lynx-T, and the screw connecting the mask and helmet of Lynx-T is outside the helmet. Up to now, Atlyn, as well as Lynx, is still the featured image of Russian Special Forces regardless of the launch of some new and more modern models.

    Contrary to the popular belief, the helmet that Tachanka uses in Rainbow Six Siege is completely different from PUBG's Helmet Level 3. Tachanka's helmet is of Maska line or exactly Maska-1SCh. Maska is based on Atlyn's design, but instead of Titanium it is made of steel. Maska-1SCh version is produced with the aim of reducing weight and cost, by replacing glass by steel and with narrow view. About PUBG, only Metro Last Light uses the same Lynx-T model in the game.


    Hopefully this will be interesting information for readers to know well about this PUBG unique item. All relevant information will be updated to readers in the shortest time. Readers can also join PUBG community and PUBG Vietnam on Facebook here:​

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