Parents partnered with game company - High scores and chores for playing hours

Vân Anh Lê
  1. Tencent - the name behind PUBG Mobile has released a "contract" with parents in controlling the playing time of their children.

    Tencent is a giant in the game world, the name behind many popular products and hits. However, in China, Tencent receives criticism from a lot of newspapers because their games, especially Game Mobile, are causing kids to neglect their studies. Under the pressure of society and government, Tencent has been forced to make changes, particularly through controlling the playing time of young players.


    To apply this, they provide parents with "contracts" that they and their children will have to sign. These contracts will oblige young players to have high scores at school and do housework in exchange for playing time.

    Ma Huateng, CEO of Tencent, said last Sunday.


    Coincidentally, in Vietnam, from February there’s a high school having a form of "contract" with students. The headmaster convinces the children to stop playing online games by "submitting" their game accounts. This has brought a lot of humorous and interesting comments from the community.


    It is unclear what game will be applied this contract, but it is said that MOBA Wang Jia Die – a popular game in China will be. All information about this event will be updated for readers as soon as possible.

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