New virus forces gamers to play PUBG to open the file

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  1. A new virus has just appeared and forced gamers to play PUBG, so then it unlocks the file.

    Today viruses evolve into many different forms. Most of them work with the aim of stealing personal data or locking up important files for ransom. However, they are sometimes just some jokes of naughty hackers ... A typical example recently discovered is Malware.


    Not having official name, Malware, once intrusting to computer, will start locking files on PC. These files include documents, images, musics ... and make everyone go crazy when they see the announcement of Malware.

    However, instead of asking the victim to pay ransom to unlock the files like other Ransomware, this virus has a fairly strange request... Well it requires you to play PUBG within 1 hour.


    Reading this message, in other situation, many people think that a friend is asking them to play the game. With such a strange request, it's probably a joke of a Hacker who is a fan of PUBG. In fact, it takes only 3 seconds to unlock, not an hour like what the message says. Because by monitoring the running processes "TslGame", this hacker will know if you play PUBG and then send you the unlock code.


    Perhaps Hacker that makes up this virus (of course it is not the dirty guys that run like Flash) needs partners to play with. Imagine when the computer in the school or at work is accidentally infected with this virus, we can play PUBG without being fined. All information about PUBG and PUBG Mobile will be updated soon for readers.

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