Iron Man of Infinity War unexpectedly joins Marvel Contest of Champions

Vân Anh Lê
  1. Marvel Contest of Champions – The Marvel's Famous RPG officially welcomes the presence of Iron Man of Infinity War.

    Marvel fans are quite familiar with the name Marvel Contest of Champions. Although this Mobile RPG has been released for a long time, it still has a huge number of fans. Not only that, Marvel Contest of Champions continuously updates new content, giving players opportunities to put their hands on countless different super heroic images.


    After Avengers Infinity War made box-office history, they continue to push its fame with the event that Marvel Contest of Champions releases a brand new character from the movie. Well we're talking about Iron Man with ultra-modern Bleeding Edge armor.


    This Update will be an opportunity for Iron Man to company with Captain America Infinity War version in a whole new battle with Thanos. Using nanotechnology from Bleeding Edge, Iron Man can transform into a variety of weapons and attacks phase, making him an indispensable character in the squad. Moreover, Bleeding Edge armor also has the ability to absorb the attack from the enemy, making Iron Man even stronger in the real war.


    From now on, players will be able to unlock this Iron Man version and gather a new team to confront with Thanos. This is definitely a great opportunity for those who have not yet felt "satisfied" with the movie. Readers who have not experienced Marvel Contest of Champions can download the game directly here:

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