How to download PUBG Mobile 0.8 with Sanhok Map on Android and iOS

Vân Anh Lê
  1. PUBG MObile 0.8 with new Sanhok Map is officially available in China and gives players the best experience on Southeast Asia map - Sanhok with countless new features.

    Followed by PC version, PUBG Mobile has officially released version 0.8 with Map Sanhok which has completely new South East Asia context. With the smaller area than Erangel and Miramar but the higher loot appearing rate, Sanhok promises to be one of the most thrilling battlefields in the game.​


    However, it is worth mentioning that Sanhok is only available on PUBG Mobile Chinese version, which makes it difficult for many people to access because they’re not clear about how to download it. That’s why GameHub wants to share with you the download guide of PUBG Mobile Timi 0.8 here.

    First, please note that installation file of PUBG Mobile 0.8 is quite heavy, up to 1.3 GB. Therefore we recommend that you use WIFI connection to download.​


    For Android users, you can download the Smarphone APK File directly from the link below. In case your Smartphone does not receive or download automatically, you can access the link via PC, download it and copy to Smartphone to install:​

    For iOS users, it’s more complicated. First you need to have a Chinese App Store account. Once you have a Chinese App Store account, you can search in the store with the keyword "PUBG Mobile" and choose the version from Timi Studios Group. You can also access the link below:

    Once again please note that the installation file of PUBG Mobile 0.8 is quite heavy, so you should use WIFI connection to download. Another thing to note is that once installed, PUBG Mobile will ask you to log in by a WeChat or QQ account. You can access Google Play or App Store to download this app and sign up for an account. Have fun with the game!


    All information related to PUBG Mobile as well as PUBG GameHub will update readers as soon as possible. Readers can also join PUBG and PUBG Mobile Vietnam community here:

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