How to download H1Z1 for free?

Vân Anh Lê
  1. H1Z1 – The Battle Royale precursor game of PUBG, is officially free of charge. Let’s see download instruction here.

    PUBG gamers are absolutely familiar with the name Brendan Greene. The creator of PUBG who is considered to be one of the most influential developers had created Battle Royale fever in the gaming world. However, not many people know that before PUBG, Brendan Greene was once in the development team of H1Z1. At that time, he was invited by Sony to be a consultant on development studio because they were impressed by the Mod he had did for DayZ or Arma 3. So for many people, H1Z1 can somewhat be considered the precursor of PUBG.​


    After a long time running and facing a lot of difficulties, H1Z1 is officially free of charge. Gamers now can enjoy this Battle Royale-style game without having to pay. In order to help readers experience this game on PC, GameHub give you download and installation instructions.


    Step 1: To download H1Z1, you must have a Steam account. If you don’t have, you can register and download Steam here:​

    Step 2: After successfully installing Steam, use your account to log in this software. Go to "Store" section, find H1Z1 in the Search bar.


    Step 3: When access to the game page on Steam, click on "Play Game". A notice board will appear, you choose where to install the game and click Next, then you can start downloading H1Z1.

    You can also access the game page via the link:

    Let’s enjoy the game. GameHub will continue to have more tutorials for H1Z1 in the future.​

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