Fortnite Mobile announced - Mobile cross-play with PC and PS4

Vân Anh Lê
  1. Fortnite - Battle Royale game of Epic Games, has officially announced and prepared to put pressure on PUBG Mobile.

    At the moment, every gamer when being asked who the rival of PUBG is will say: Fortnite. The game with Battle Royale style is attracting large attention from the community thanks to free model and unique building mechanism. That’s why Fortnite has achieved great success; the most typical one is to become the hottest game on Twitch at the moment.


    Fortnite, however, is still not as good as PUBG, especially on Mobile platform. While this game is still follwing PUBG on PC/Console, Bluehole has had two Mobile versions. Moreover, these two versions are sponsored by Tencent, one of the most influential game companies in China and in the world.

    But now, everything is different as Fortnite continues to take actions to compete with PUBG. Specifically, Epic Games has officially introduced Fortnite Mobile, bringing gamer realistic experiences on Mobile.


    According to Epic Games, on March 12, Fortnite Mobile will officially open the trial registration event for iOS platform. When gamers succeed in registering, they will receive an email and the download link on App Store. Code will be attached with this download link so that players can invite more friends to join.


    And what about Android version? According to the developer, Fortnite Mobile will definitely have Android version, but the test will start after iOS version. Interestingly, when both Android version and iOS version are launched, Fortnite Mobile will let Android, iOS, Mac, Windows PC and PS4 players to directly face each other. This means you can take your smart phone and set up a team with a friend on PC.


    When registration and download link are officially released, GameHub will update for readers as soon as possible. Readers can also join the Fortnite Mobile Vietnamese Group to update more information:​

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