Download Star Ocean: Anamnesis - Japanese RPG brings incredible graphics to Mobile

Vân Anh Lê
  1. Star Ocean: Anamnesis - The latest RPG version of the popular game series of Square Enix, has officially been released on both Android and iOS.

    Star Ocean is considered as one of the most popular series of Square Enix, one of many RPGs that has brought success for the Japanese giant. A series of games with high revenues and the expansion to Anime and Manga ... are the most considerable evidences of the influence of Star Ocean over the years.


    Now after 22 years in the virtual world, Star Ocean with its success decides to set foot on Mobile. As expected, the latest version of the series has impressed all mobile gamers with excellent gameplay and stunning graphics. Well, we're talking about Star Ocean: Anamnesis, the newcomer has just landed on Android and iOS.


    Star Ocean: Anamnesis takes gamers to the time after the event of Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, which means 6,000 years after when humans own space travel technology and are able to settle down in any planet in the universe. With new power in hand, human will build their Supreme Federal System and inhabitants can live anywhere.

    On that context, the player has a mission to control GFSS-3214F ship and explore undiscovered areas. However, while being on mission, the ship is attacked by a hijacking fleet, causing the player to evacuate the crew while he himself alone has to deal with the situation. But things go out of control when the ship's super-space engine is damaged and you’re accidentally moved with artificial intelligence called Coro to an area outside the Federal Territory. Lost in the darkness of the universe, you will have to start the journey to find the way back home.

    Despite having “space travel style”, Star Ocean: Anamnesis is a true ARPG. Players will have the opportunity to explore countless areas and confront with various objects that have never been seen before. With the vertical screen mechanism, Star Ocean: Anamnesis allows players to control the Party with various members and to rotate as well as control if they need in real time.

    About the control mechanism, players can take full advantage of touch mechanism by simple and quick movements. Players only need to press directly on the target, then the character will automatically jump and perform the attack; while swiping right and left to dodge the opponent's attack. Moreover, gamers can activate countless skills on the screen, but it will consume a certain amount of SP.


    Star Ocean: Anamnesis certainly impresses gamers with extremely eye-catching 3D graphics, showing the lively character with a lot of modern graphics effects. The image of each one in Party having his own shot and being around by dazzling light will surely make Mobile gamers impressed at first sight.

    With all those values, Star Ocean: Anamnesis will definitely become the candidate for the best RPG game of 2018 on Mobile. Of course, those values are only verified when you experience this game firsthand by downloading the free game directly here:

    Please note that: Despite being available globally, Star Ocean: Anamnesis is still locked in Vietnam. Luckily, GameHub has already had the downloadable address (Android version) of Star Ocean: Anamnesis.

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