Download free Ironsight - FPS Online with the style of Call of Duty

Vân Anh Lê
  1. Ironsight – FPS game which has ambition of reappearing the fighting mode of Call of Duty has officially released for free download.

    FPS games have always been the hottest topic in the gaming community, attracting a large number of players. However, not everyone can afford $50-60 for a copyright key, so the Free to Play product is always the first choice. Ironsight – FPS game from Korea at Aeria Games ... is a typical example.​


    Having gameplay style which is not different from the fighting mode of Call of Duty, Ironsight will let gamers enjoy the fierce gun battle with the most crazy rhythm. Officially entering Open Beta, Ironsight is ready to completely free download to PC. All you have to do is click the download link below to register an account and download Ironsight now.


    Set in 2023, Ironsight brings players to a troubled world. There, global power is contested by two main powers. One is Energy Development Enterprise Network (EDEN) and the other is North Atlantic Federation Ocean (NAF). The two sides, with their own private military forces, continuously plunged into the fighting to gain control of the energy-rich regions on the Earth. Joining one of the factions, you will become mercenaries lured by the call of money and power.


    Ironsight’s gameplay style is quite similar to Call of Duty’s, especially from Modern Warfare on ... when players are immersed in the gun battle with extremely high speed in a narrow map. Therefore, headshot phases or kneeling before the enemy is only decided in a split second. Beside Ironsight, there is Killstreak system, which allows players to activate the technology or military equipment on the battlefield when killing many lives. For example, you can activate a Drone to reconnaissance the battlefield, call the Robot to support or activate the helicopter, give the enemy a beating with terrorist machine guns.
    Ironsight's graphics platform is quite eye-catching, giving gamers realistic 3D scenes and hardcore weapons. If you want to enjoy this FPS Online now, follow the link below and download the game for free:​

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