Download Dungeon Hunter Champions – New MOBA game by Gameloft

Vân Anh Lê
  1. Dungeon Hunter Champions is the latest MOBA game of Gameloft, which promises make a big boom in mobile game community.

    MOBA is developing powerfully on mobile platform with some typical examples: Vainglory or Strike of Kings. That's why MOBA attracts great attention of the big guys in the virtual entertainment industry, Gameloft is a typical example. In fact, with the launch of Heroes of Order and Chaos, the giant from France declares to be ready to return to this realm and affirm its power.

    And its first step in the comeback journey to MOBA is Dungeon Champions - The title is advertised as an ARPG Online but in fact it is actually a MOBA game.


    Dungeon Hunter Champions gives gamers the opportunity to experience more than 250 different Heroes that are split into multiple classes with unique fighting styles. In the opening, players will have the feeling of a ARPG title. However, when gradually going into PvP mode, players will experience a true MOBA product.


    Therefore we can say that Dungeon Hunter Champions is completely a MOBA Mobile product. Firstly, the game will take place in the form of 5v5, the map is divided into 3 lanes with the cylindrical system along the way. The main goal of the player is to work with his teammates to destroy the enemy's main house. The control system of this PvP has the same style as ARPG, which will make it easier for players who are familiar with Strike of Kings to get acquainted.


    Actually, Dungeon Hunter Champions has been on trial since August last year, but today the game is officially available on Android and iOS. You can download the game directly here:



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