Download Dauntless - MMORPG entered open beta

Vân Anh Lê
  1. Dauntless - The online version of Monster Hunter, has just released its beta version and allows players to download for free now.

    Monster Hunter has always been a hot game on console with the renowned Monster Hunter World. However, this is the weakness of this series when it only appears on console, rarely goes out of its "field" to find new success. Because of that, PC players always have to find their own alternatives, find the real hunting experience which rarely appears on this platform. And the answer is Dauntless (PC) - Free Online Game which has officially opened Open Beta.


    With Dauntless, you can company with your friends to hunt down monsters, collect resources, and invent the most damaged weapons. Now you have the opportunity to experience this product as developer has allowed all the players to download free Dauntless.

    What you need to do is sign up for a Dauntless account here:
    Then go to the link below and click on "Download Game" box:

    This is also an unlimited Open Beta period of Dauntless, so players can comfortably play the game without worrying about limited content or experience. Hopefully you will enjoy Monster Hunter with this exciting MMO. All information about Dauntless, GameHub will update for readers as soon as possible.

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