Defiance 2050 - Online shooting game has just been released free-of-charge

Vân Anh Lê
  1. Defiance 2050 – The shooting game of Defiance 2050 series is officially available for free and gamers can download it right now.

    Do you want to crazily shoot gun? Do you like role-playing game? You like a large world with MMO standard, don’t you? The best answer for you is probably Defiance 2050 – The online shooting game having MMORPG element has officially been released free-of-charge.

    Defiance 2050 brings gamers to a world in the future when Earth is heavily damaged by aliens. However, after many years of fighting, both sides realize that they cannot survive if they’re deep into this endless and meaningless war. An agreement is established and a temporary peace finally begins on Earth.


    However, the consequence of war remains unresolved, somebody self-proclaiming Ark Hunter appears. Living outside the law, Ark Hunter is always looking for the most modern technology and weapons which are lost in the war. However, they then realize that there is a greater threat than their greed when a threat appears and will eradicate both human and alien races.


    Defiance 2050 is a shooting game which allows players to develop their mindset skills in order to eradicate the enemies. With third person perspective, you will see the whole character's appearance and gun effects on the screen. But in fact Defiance 2050 is a true MMORPG where players can go anywhere in the gaming world, visit various areas and receive/ exit countless interesting missions. The character also has leveling up system, weapons refinement, power and other aspects throughout the adventure in the world of Defiance 2050.


    At present, Defiance 2050 is available free on PC, allowing you to download right now. All you need to do is visit the website: . If you do not have a Trion Worlds account, you can register for free at this website and then use it to download Defiance 2050.

    All information related to Defiance 2050 GameHub will update readers as soon as possible.​

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