Cytus II - Addicted Music game now available on Android

Vân Anh Lê
  1. Cytus II is officially available on both Android and iOS, ready for you to free download the game.

    For music game addicts, Cytus has become a familiar name. Developed by renowned studio Rayark, Cytus attracts the players by great melody and extremely creative gameplay. Unlike Audition style music game, Cytus's gameplay requires players to perform a variety of motion sensor moves. What an intersting challenge when music is on.


    When released, Cytus II also made it even better, making gamers indulge themselves with their smartphone screens. In fact, Cytus II has been available on iOS for a while, but the game officially set foot on Android. If you want to go into that great music, don’t hesitate to download Cytus II right now.


    Cytus II brings gamers to the future where the Internet merges with real life. At there, there is a legendary DJ called Aesir, who attracts millions of viewers around the world. Aesir, who had never shown his face before, made the world shocked by announcing a mega concert with some famous idols and DJs. However, when the concert was about to begin and break the record number of audiences, Aesir suddenly disappeared. A lot of reactions rise on the Internet and you will become one of the ones trying to find the answer to that mystery.


    Cytus II brings gamers to interactive mechanism that is similar to the old version but grows through 5 different Nodes, each Node has different requirement. Each Node when appearing on the screen is in harmony with Beat, letting player both interact with his hands and feel the music by his ears.

    If you - a gamer need a break after "rescue the virtual world", Cytus II will certainly be a great choice for you. Readers can enjoy Cytus II by free downloading the game here:​

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