33 years later, Dragon Ball revealed the secret of the Super Saiyan transformation

Vân Anh Lê
  1. Akira Toriyama – the creator of Dragon Ball, officially revealed the secret behind the Super Saiyan transformation.

    Super Saiyan transformation image can be considered one of the legendary symbols of Dragon Ball. It demonstrates the willpower, as well as the ability of overcoming physical limitation, so as to reach the realm beyond human imagination. Moreover, the image of blonde hair bulging and energetic flashing around continues to give fans the absolute power that Super Saiyan brings.

    However, during the last 33 years, fans has always assumed that, for an ordinary Saiyan if he wants to reach such power level, he will have to put himself in extreme tension to outburst the inside rage. That is the only way to become a legendary Super Saiyan.


    But, according to the creator of Dragon Ball - Akira Toriyama, that is not the core condition to become a true Super Saiyan. In a recent interview, Akira Toriyama has revealed the secret behind the transformation.​

    Can anyone become Super Saiyan if they practice hard?


    How to increase the number of S-cells in the body?


    With this detail, many fans have begun to compare S-Cell with the Midi-chlorian index - which is also a cell-level symbiosis in the Star Wars universe. Midi-chlorians allow one person to feel and use the power of The Force, which is the first condition to become Jedi. However, when Midi-chlorian is spiritual, S-Cell of Dragon Ball is toward biochemistry, which gives the fan a more sincere feeling.

    Not only revealed the secret behind the Super Saiyan transformation, Akira Toriyama also talked about the first person on Planet Vegeta reaching this level.


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    Is "Legendary Super Saiyan" that Freeza fears "Spirit Super Saiyan" in the Battle of Gods?

    With the explanation from the author, indeed after 33 years, fans are still surprised with the wide and deep world of Dragon Ball. Hopefully in the future, the author will reveal us more interesting stories.​

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