1v4, FPS player reverses the game with an unbelievable phase

Vân Anh Lê
  1. Gamer whose nickname Spark of FPS Rainbow Six Siege has had unbelievable performances when he on his own fights against four enemies.

    Besides PUBG, Overwatch or CSGO, Rainbow Six Siege is also one of the most popular game. However, the style of FPS game is completely different from others when fully focusing on team tactics and coordinate ability to complete the task. And one of the "tasks" that Rainbow Six Siege pose for players is to clear the defenders' bombs in time.


    For readers who do not know, besides overcoming the defense of the enemies to approach the bomb, the player must protect his equipment throughout the time it operates. In this phase, the team needs to concentrate and take turns prohibiting the enemy from approaching. So if you see bomb equipment has run and there is only you left, your team will surely fail.


    It is a situation that the player Martin Eberhard whose nickname "Spark" had to face in a Rainbow Six Siege match. After the four members of his Team succeeded in placing bomb disposal, the enemy suddenly attacked and knocked down three Spark’s teammates in less than 15 seconds. At that time, his team had just defeated a member of the opposing team, placing Spark in 1v4 position.

    Spark's fate seemed to have been decided because there were three members of opposing team standing next to the wall. One of them decided to move on and did not realize that Spark was standing next to him. However, instead of shooting, he calmly let the enemy retreat to the old position... Soon after all three enemies are in the same position, he emanated from the corner and defeats all three with a single magazine and two of them are Headshot.


    By putting the game back to 1v1, Spark continued to show his tactics. Knowing that the bomb disposal was about to accomplish the mission, he moved away from the room and lured the other enemy into destroying this equipment. By listening to his footsteps and knowing what he is doing, Spark run back to the room and shot a magazine at this enemy. Official victory is for his team.

    You can see how Spark plays here:​

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