Crypto Golf Impact – Tokenomics and Distribution Overview

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  1. An overview of S2 Tokens and their distribution.

    As you know, Crypto Golf Impact is a mobile P2E golf game that allows players to compete with others around the world in real time. Besides playing golf, players can also collect equipment, each comes with different looks and uses, making the match even more attractive and dramatic. The biggest plus point of Crypto Golf Impact is that it offers not only entertainment but also the chance to earn profits. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about Crypto Golf Impact’s token and its distribution.


    About S2 Tokens

    S2 Tokens act as a medium currency used in NEOPIN game services. In Crypto Golf Impact, they are intermediary tokens when swapping between Crystals (in-game currency) and NPT(Neopin Token). That means Crystals can be swapped to S2 Tokens which then can be traded for NPT or vice versa.​


    P2E Rewards

    The maximum supply of S2 Tokens is 10,500,000,000, then 5,250,000,000 of which ( (50% of total supply) will be allocated to the community’s Play-to-Earn reward pool. Players can swap the Crystals they earn in the game for S2 Tokens. S2 Tokens then can be traded for NPT (Neopin Token), and eventually earn real money.


    At launch, players will be able to earn Crystals by completing missions, placing on the leaderboard, and more. To obtain Crystals, you must purchase and have an active Crypto Pass in possession. Those who have a valid Crypto Pass can earn Crystals as part of their Daily Mission rewards. In addition, the maximum amount of Crystals obtained each day can increase with a Sponsor Contract. While Crypto Passes are available as in-app purchases, Sponsor Contracts can only be purchased with Crystals.


    1,995,000,000 S2 Tokens (19% of total supply) will be devoted to features related to decentralized finance (DeFi). DeFi is another way to reward players who believe in the long-term success of Crypto Golf Impact. Staking and holding S2 tokens will add value to Crypto Golf Impact, and as a result, the rewards for community members will also be more valuable.

    Development and Operations

    1,470,000,000 S2 Tokens (14% of total supply) will be used for further game development and operating costs. These tokens will allow the development team to improve the game’s quality, add new content, and manage the game’s live services and its ecosystem.


    735,000,000 S2 Tokens (7% of total supply) will be used to run marketing plans to promote community growth, including affiliated marketing, events, promotions, and airdrops. These funds will be managed and used as needed by the Crypto Golf Impact team to help expand the community.


    DEX Liquidity Pool

    525,000,000 S2 Tokens (5% of total supply) are used to provide initial liquidity to the NEOPIN DEX liquidity pool. This initial supply will be used as players swap between S2T and NPT, until the pool can be sustained with community involvement.

    Partners and Advisors

    525,000,000 S2 Tokens (5% of total supply) are reserved for partners and early investors as well as the team’s advisors.

    Players now can pre-register for Crypto Golf Impact on both iOS and Android:

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